A dog, who had gotten off its leash, was recently rescued in the New York state wilderness near a mountain. The person who located the dog was able to use the latest in drone technology to find the missing canine, as an approaching storm was rolling in.

It was certainly a lucky feat, considering there are over six million acres of land across the Adirondacks, many of which being high terrain, and very remote areas.

The unmanned aircraft have long been used by militaries around the world, as well as for search and rescue missions, or even for recreational fun by citizens who want to get a good shot of their neighborhood from above. They've also been used to survey storm damage and for disaster response, as well as to monitor wildlife and agriculture.

Retired New York State Policeman Finds Missing Dog Using Drone

WNYT says that a husky named Echo got off her leash during a walk and escaped.

Luckily, a man named Chad Tavernia was nearby, who specializes in using thermal drones to find missing pets, says WNYT.

According to North Country Public Radio, Tavernia is a retired New York State Police investigator from Malone, who uses the "high-tech thermal' device to locate escaped and missing animals.

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Tavernia had been flying drones since 2015, and when he recently upgraded to a newer thermal drone, he received his commercial drone license from the Federal Aviation Administration. From there, he started his own business called North Country Drone Search and Recovery.

Tavernia used his drone which found a heat signature near a narrow ledge on Catamount Mountain. But not only was it getting dark at that point, a storm was also moving in which could have hampered any rescue attempts.

Tavernia said he knew the rescue would not be easy, so he began climbing towards the ledge before the storm hit. He was able to reach the husky, who greeted him by kissing him in the face, as he pulled her off the ledge and got back to the trailhead and to her owner around 30 minutes later, says WNYT.

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Stunning Drone Pics Show Remains Of Frontier Town In The ADKS

Many of us in the Capital Region have fond childhood memories while visiting our grand Adirondack Mountains. Some remember the early years of Storytown (now known as the Great Escape), some were partial to Water Slide World, while others enjoyed the horses, buggies, and stagecoach bandits at Frontier Town.

Frontier Town, located in Schroon Lake, NY, was started back in 1952 by a man named Arthur Bensen. Bensen designed it to be a theme park for kids and a big playground for adults. For more than 40 years, Frontier Town and its trick riders, bucking broncos, horses and buggies, and stagecoach bandits, was an Adirondack destination.

As other attractions in the Lake George area grew more popular, thinning crowds forced Frontier Town to shut down in 1998, and for 20 years it sat vacant, abandoned, and neglected.

Eventually, New York State would buy the land and redevelop the rotting theme park and
in the fall of 2018, the site was reopened.

The former Frontier Town is now a New York State Park where guests can camp, hike, take trails by horse and bike, and picnic. Certain trails are off-limits for guests, although many are open year-round.

Several of the original Frontier Town signs remain on the property. The entranceway to Frontier Town now stands as a deluxe rest stop with food, souvenirs, and bathrooms and the space can be rented out to host parties.

Most have never viewed the Adirondacks quite like this and we were allowed to publish these oddly beautiful photos high above Frontier Town thanks to Adirondack Drone.

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany