It's been two months since the Starbucks on Route 9 in Fishkill closed. Finally, it looks like the coffee may soon start flowing again.

Starbucks addicts have been losing their minds over the closure of one of Dutchess County's busiest locations. The Starbucks in Fishkill is one of the "OG" locations here in the Hudson Valley that always seems to have a line at the drive-thru. Perhaps it's the store's proximity to I-84 or the fact that it's the only Starbucks in the area that makes it such a busy cafe at all times of the day.

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Why Did Starbucks in Fishkill Close?

On March 16 the Starbucks on Route 9 across from Walmart shut its doors. At the time, the coffee shop explained that it was due to a planned remodel. Signs at the store announced that it was "time for an upgrade" and the store would be "temporarily closing for some exciting updates".  The store's Instagram page was a bit more specific, saying that the location would be opening again in "early May".

Unfortunately, early May has come and gone and the store has yet to reopen. A new update from the store has shed some light on the reason why.

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When Will the Fishkill Starbucks Reopen?

As the beginning of May approached, messages from impatient coffee lovers began to appear on the Fishkill location's social media pages asking when the official reopening would take place. A reply from the official page two weeks ago announced that most of the work was complete and that it would reopen on May 18. That date, however, has now changed.

A new message appeared on the store's feed early Friday morning stating that the reopening would not happen on May 18 as scheduled. Instead, coffee lovers will have to wait just a bit longer.

The store mpw says to expect the doors to reopen either in the afternoon on Monday, May 20 or early the next morning. The delay, according to Starbucks, is due to a pending inspection that needs to happen before the shop can officially serve food and beverage.

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