In probably one of the more descriptive and bizarre unexplained sightings recently, a New York state man says he witnessed an artificial object flying near a turkey vulture above the Thruway.

While that may not sound too extraordinary on its own, it's the manner in which this airbourne "flat square" seemingly imitated the bird's every move that's so odd.

There are already a number of drones that resemble birds or insects, with flapping wings that can lift the robotic devices off the ground. Some, like the Evolution Eagle are designed by the military to look like a bird of prey for spying and other covert missions, according to Fox.

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However, this recent sighting on the New York State Thruway near Schenectady described the object in question as a "flat square", that could stay afloat "without wings or wind".

Drone, Animal, Large Piece of Construction, Spy Balloon, Or Something Else? 

According to the report filed to the National UFO Reporting Center, a motorist near Schenectady, traveling I-90 over the exit 25 overpass, says they encountered a "flat square, white one side and dark metallic grey on other, tumbling and flapping through the air near a turkey vulture, similar size."

The incident happened April 25, around 4:50 PM, during rush hour traffic.

The reports goes on to say "the square object was flapping and tumbling through the air, almost trying to imitate the turkey vulture, but it was very obviously a flat square and not a bird. There was no wind, and it was very high up. The object never changed dimensions but was flexible and mobile, appearing to stay a float without wings or wind."


One possible explanation is that it's simply a piece of foil flying through the air, though the insinuated mimicking of the vulture is still quite strange.

Also, The Daily Gazette had reported that Governor Hochul announced a $19 million infrastructure improvement project in that same area, which includes "full and partial depth repairs on about 50 miles of road located just east of exit 25 and east of exit 26."

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