A shocking incident unfolded at a Home Depot location Wednesday afternoon. Police say a customer stabbed himself while inside the retail store in New York state. An investigation is currently underway to find more information behind the tragic event.

Suicide Rates in New York State 

While New York state may not rank as high for suicide rates compared to other states, the NYS Health Councilor says that suicides and self-harm injuries are still a "growing public health concern" across the state, with "serious and lasting effects on the well-being of families and communities."

According to 2021 numbers at America's Health Rankings, New York state had a per capita suicide rate of 8.2 deaths per one hundred thousand residents.

Man in New York State Stabs Himself to Death in Public, Police Say 

Irondequoit Police say a man bought a utility knife from a Home Depot location in the same area and stabbed himself several times inside the store.

The shocking story has attracted national attention, as witnesses who were in the store try to make sense of tragedy.

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WROC says that medical personnel were at the scene and "attempted life-saving measures" before taking the unidentified man the hospital where he was pronounced dead Wednesday afternoon.

Police say surveillance caught the shocking incident on film, as counselors were on hand for Home Depot employees who witnessed the suicide. As of now, there are not too many details as to why the man took his own life, though an investigation continues.

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When should you use the National Suicide & Crisis Hotline?

If you are in doubt of reaching out, this might be your sign to just do it.

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