In February 2023, a highly intoxicated New York state man crashed a U-Haul into the back of another vehicle, according to New York State Police. This wasn't his first time getting behind the wheel after having too much either, says authorities. According to News 10, the same driver already had a revoked license due to "multiple previous DWI convictions".

Tuesday, the 55-year-old man learned what his punishment was, according to WNYT.

Can You Lose Your Driver's License Forever in New York State? 

According to the website of Lerner & Lerner, P.C., if you have had five or more DWIs in the past, regardless of how old they are, and you are revoked for any reason, it will be a lifetime revocation of your New York state license.

New York State Man With Multiple DWI Convictions Crashes Near Route 9

News 10 says that on February 13, 2023, State Police of Clifton Park responded to a crash involving a U-Haul at the intersection of State Route 9 in Clifton Park.

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Police said a Greenfield Center man was driving the U-Haul and crashed into the back of a Clifton Park Municipal vehicle. The driver recorded a 0.24% BAC, which is three times over New York state's limit of 0.08%.

To make matters worse, police discovered the man's driver’s license had already been revoked due to multiple previous DWI convictions in the last ten years, according News 10.

WNYT says the man plead guilty to felony DWI in March. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in prison.

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