Drones have become of way of life in our modern world. These flying machines have been used for everything from search and rescue missions, to simple recreational fun for citizens who want to get a good shot of the neighborhood from above. Some will even lecture you on social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people aren't too fond of these flying machines however, due to concerns over lack of privacy. And of course, there are those who find them just plain creepy. But now one company in New York state wants to use drones to help businesses reopen in the near future. How is this possible? Cleaning drones. With cleanliness being on everyones' minds amid this pandemic, this could really help a lot of businesses.

ABC reports that a Buffalo-based company called EagleHawk is developing drones that don't take pictures or videos, but simply clean and disinfect. The company had already used these drones in past years to inspect buildings. EagleHawk CEO Patrick Walsh said:

 It would take a crew of 30 to 40 people an entire shift to disinfect and clean down every seat. Whereas using the drones, it's much more efficient.

The drones can clean very large spaces in a short amount of time. This also protects workers who would otherwise have to risk themselves to disinfect potentially contaminated areas.

The drones are said to be able to clean both tight and wide spaces. ABC says they could be used across New York City and New Jersey by the summer. One issue is that EagleHawk has to work with the EPA on what chemicals could be used that would kill COVID-19, but also be environmentally friendly.

There have already been other types of cleaning drones that have used to clean office high rise windows. EagleHawk hopes to modify their drones to scour much larger spaces.

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