A newly opened cafe in the city of Newburgh's Downing Park has filed an application for a beer and wine license.

Stephen Sinnott, an officer for Olmsted Vaux Shelter House Café Inc., tells the Times Herald-Record that his liquor license application to the state has been stalled by the city of Newburgh. According to Sinnott, the city sent a letter requesting his application be denied due to the ban of alcohol in the park.

According to the article, Sinnott told the Newburgh City Council that if the state receives a letter saying the city has no issue with the license, then the application will continue to be processed by the New York State Liquor Authority.

The Times Herald-Record reports that the beer and wine license application is part of a bigger plan to eventually rent out Shelter House Cafe for private events, like birthdays and showers. Besides private events, Sinnott said that many customers have wanted a glass of wine or a beer with their lunch.

Do you think Shelter House Cafe should be granted the beer and wine license?

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