Rocker Billy Idol's famous sneer is being pointed at people who insist on warming up their cars.

In New York State, it's illegal for some drivers to keep the engine running on their vehicle if they're not moving for five minutes. The time drops down to three minutes in New York City, where smog and pollution from cars is even more of a concern.

To make sure drivers follow the law, the city has come up with a unique solution: snitching.

Residents who catch New Yorkers idling their cars for longer than three minutes, or one minute near a school, will receive 25% of the $350 fine, which comes out to just under $90. Some locals have made a small fortune documenting and snitching on drivers who blatantly break the law.

Now, Mayor Bill de Blasio is amping up the "War on Idling" by enlisting the help of Billy Idol. In an appearance at city hall later this morning, Idol will join the mayor to spread awareness about the law. Apparently, the city feels that the only Idol-ing that should be going on is of the Billy variety.

There's no word if Idol will perform at the event, but perhaps a rendition of "It's a nice day for... following all traffic regulations" is in order. Or, maybe he'll just remind citizens that snitching on people warming up their cars can earn them some serious "Mony, Mony"

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