Whether it is a first date or you just want to reconnect with some one you care about sharing a meal is something we can all agree is a good choice. Making sure you pick the right place for encounter can be half the battle.

My husband and I are one of those married couples that stills like a good date night. It is not so much that we need to reconnect after a long week or even a long month. It is more about going out to a Hudson Valley restaurant that allows us to chat and get out of our routine. It also helps when you know you are going to get good service and good food. Throw in the right ambiance and mission accomplished.

Best Restaurants for Date Night in the Hudson Valley, New York

The Oyster and Clam Bar at the Bruynswick Inn via Facebook
The Oyster and Clam Bar at the Bruynswick Inn via Facebook

So whether it is date night for an old married couple or it is the first chance to impress someone you just met the restaurant and the meal matters. Luckily here in the Hudson Valley we have many wonderful spots for a night that is more than just a meal. Remember this could be the place you celebrate your first date forever.

Charming Restaurants in the Hudson Valley, New York

We have places that are set off the beaten path such as Garvan's in New Paltz. There are new places in old familiar spots like The Oyster & Clam Bar at the Old Bruynswick Inn. And some of the places on are list are in plain sight such as the Canterbury Brook Inn in Cornwall on the main traffic circle.

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The Parish Restaurant at Water Street Market in New Paltz
The Parish Restaurant at Water Street Market in New Paltz

Going out to dinner these days can be considered an extra expense even though most financial folks would tell you that you have to have those types of spends in your budget. None of the places listed below will be out of your budget once you have enjoyed their food and experience. Cheers to dining well.

Perfect Date Night Restaurants in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Restaurant Perfect for Date Night

Treat yourself to a romantic dinner at one of these unsuspecting Hudson Valley Restaurants. They offer the perfect combination of food and drink with a dining experience that feels intimate. I like to say these places are hiding in plain sight. You know them, you may even drive by them and now it is time to stop in for a romantic dinner date. From Kingston to Rhinebeck to Cornwall, and a few places in between it will be hard to decide you may need to visit all of them to pick you favorite.

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Casinos have been popping up everywhere over the last few years and the Hudson Valey now not only has its own casino but we are also a short drive a wait to many others in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. All of these spots can be done in a day but why not make a weekend out of it and enjoy the food, drink, and gaming?