A historic building erected in 1850 is up for sale along with the family-run restaurant business that currently occupies it.

A long list of landmark restaurants have gone on the market after operating in the Hudson Valley for generations. We told you last year that Danny's Restaurant on the corner of Route 209 and Sullivan St in Wurtsboro was up for sale after being family-run for 88 years. The building itself dates back to 1814 and includes the popular Custer's Last Stand ice cream shop.

Another historic building turned heads when it went on the market over a year ago. The owners of the Hoot Owl on Awosting Road in Pine Bush put its 1856 restaurant up for sale in 2022. The building had stood in Pine Bush for generations and even served as a brothel for a short time before turning into the town post office and eventually becoming a restaurant in 1947.

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Westtown Fare

175-Year-Old Restaurant in Hudson Valley Up For Sale

Now another restaurant with a long history in the Hudson Valley is up for sale. Westtown Fare on Route 284 in Orange County is being sold. Formerly known as Folderol, the old farmhouse dates back to 1850.

Family-owned and operated since 2015, Westtown Fare has become a culinary destination in the black dirt region for its farm-to-table menu and locally sourced ingredients.

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According to a listing by Berkshire Hathaway, Westtown Fare's historic building and business are both being offered for $750,000. The property includes a second-floor bedroom apartment. It's unclear if a potential new owner would decide to continue operating it as a restaurant or repurpose the historic building for a different type of business.

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