Thanks to the new bail reform law, a SUNY New Paltz student and friend accused of assisting with the murder of another student's mother will get their bail money back and be released from supervision.

In February of last year, Jared Eng, a 22-year-old SUNY New Paltz Student, was arrested after his mother was found with her throat slashed and her body hidden in a garbage bag at a New Jersey home. His 21-year-old girlfriend, Caitlyn O’Rourke, who also attended New Paltz, was also arrested along with their friend, Jennifer Lopez.

According to the New York Post, O'Rourke is charged with the "concealment of a human corpse," which is a non-qualifying offense under the new law. Because of this, the SUNY New Paltz student will no longer have to be on supervised release and her $50,000 bond has been returned.

Previously, another judge ruled that Lopez, an 18-year-old student who is also charged with helping to hide Eng's mother's body, would be exempt under the new law as well. Her $100,000 bond has now been released. However, unlike O'Rourke, Lopez will need to remain on supervision.

Many New Yorkers are concerned with the unintended consequences of the new bail reform law. Stories like this continue to put pressure on lawmakers to amend the law or replace it with new legislation.

Eng still maintains his innocence and is currently in jail awaiting a trial.

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