New York gets a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to rude behavior. But, with long commutes, congestion, and crowds, sometimes tempers can get a little short. It's understandable why some can get impatient. Maybe you forgot to hold that door, or didn't think to say thank you?

But are New Yorkers really has rude as they say? After all, Forbes Advisor ranked New York as a pretty safe state to drive in, back in late 2022.

A new study has compiled some of evidence, and the (so called results are in. Get ready.

Is New York As Impolite As They Say? 

The website Preply has ranked most and least polite states in the country by surveying Americans from every state.

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Preply's methods were pretty straightforward, as they said they "awarded points to answers that resembled polite behavior and found overall scores for each state based on residents’ scores."

Read the full study HERE.

According to Preply, New York ranked third to last, with only New Jersey and Nevada ranked lower. According to the study, Southern Hospitality is a real thing, as Arkansas, Georgia, and Alabama were first, second, and third overall, respectively.

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The 10 Worst Small Towns In New York For 2024 [RANKED]

Roadsnacks has once again ranked the worst small towns in the Empire State for 2024. We gotta say first and foremost these rankings in no way reflect how we feel about these towns and you should take these rankings with a grain of salt: they are put together by folks with no local feel and experience on the great things these communities have to offer! Roadsnacks says the rankings below were formulated based on census data like median income, home values, unemployment rates, crime rates, education, and more from the state's 462 smallest towns.

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Where Does New York Rank As The Country's Best Places to Live? 

U.S. News & World Report has once ranked the states, using thousands of data points and statistics. Such metrics as health, economy, environment, as well as crime & correction were thoroughly analyzed to come up with final results, according to the report.

According to the study, Utah topped Washington as America's top state in 2023.

The Conclusion

According to the new report, New York was ranked 20th overall. New York state performed very in the category of Natural Environment, where we ranked 2nd. With 47,000 square miles of land, from the Adirondacks, to over 3,000 lakes and ponds, New York is one of the most scenic states in the country.

The state also ranked 9th in the nation for Education and Health Care.

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