Peak season continues for meteor showers, and yet another fall shower is on the way. AccuWeather says that the Northern Taurid meteor shower will peak Monday night and into ealry Tuesday. The Taurids are the leftovers and debris left behind from Comet 2p/Encke. If they sound familiar, then you might be thinking of the Southern Taurids from October. 

While the Northern Taurids only show off about five or so meteors per hour, they are now for spectacular fireballs They can be seen all points across the night sky, according to experts.

The next question, of course, is the weather. The Hudson Valley seems to have be getting the shaft when it comes to seeing events like this, as the past several meteor showers have been marred by clouds. The forecast? Sure enough, meteorologists are predicting clouds with a chain for rain Monday night across the Hudson Valley.

But while this is a bit frustrating for amateur astronomers, we won't have to long for our next meteor shower. The Leonids will be peaking November 16 and 17. Hopefully, we'll have better weather by then.

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