Back by popular demand and selling out fast Boos and Brews, the Huguenot Street summer tradition has returned for July. Boos and Brews is back for 2021.

Chris Ware

Imagine grabbing your friends for a night of history, haunts and refreshing beer and hard cider. The Huguenot Street Boos and Brews tours have become one of the best ways to learn about the legendary and sometimes sinister history of this historic neighborhood in the Village of New Paltz. Not to mention learning Hudson Valley history can be a lot more fun if it is also served with a delicious beverage as you enjoy a guided tour with friends.

Tours are already underway for every Friday and Saturday night in July. Reservations are going fast to explore the secrets of one of the oldest neighborhoods in America with a beer in your hand and friends at your back. You are going to want to know who is behind you. it can get a bit creepy near the cemetery. The story tellers explore tales of murder, folklore and ghost sights that happen regularly in the area.

photo credit Huguenot Street via Facebook 8-17-2020

Tickets are $15 for general admission an include a locally crafted hard cider, beer or bottle water. Additional beverages are available for purchase. Members of Huguenot Street can get a discounted ticket for $12. That price is also good for seniors, students, active military and veterans.

photo credit Huguenot Street via Facebook 8-17-2020

And if it happens that you are looking for a little Halloween in July why not round out the month with the Halloween in July movie nights at Angry Orchard in Walden. Angry Orchard is not afraid to get the haunting season off to an early start. They have planned to great Halloween themed movies for July 29th - Beeltejuice and July 30th - Hocus Pocus. Both nights guest are welcome at 8PM movie starts at 8:30PM. For ticket and event info click here.

Looks like July could get a bit spooky in the Hudson Valley.
Have you seen Huguenot Street on Halloween?

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