When it comes to food, kids nowadays have it pretty good. From services that deliver all the ingredients for a fresh meal right to your door to the whole farm to table movement, it’s easy to make sure that your kids are getting nutritious and delicious food. That wasn’t always the case. Back when I was a kid in the ‘60s and ‘70s there were plenty of shortcuts, but they weren’t even close to delicious. In fact, they had me hating foods that I now love. For instance...

  • MeePoohyaphoto


    I used to hate coffee. All of my friends and family know that I now love coffee. It’s one of my favorite beverages. So what changed? What changed is that I discovered real coffee. I grew up in a day when everything was instant, including coffee. My parents had two kinds in the house. Taster’s Choice instant and Sanka instant decaf coffee. If you’ve never tried instant coffee, consider yourself lucky. It’s horrible.

  • Dmytro


    Another food that I now love. Because growing up I didn’t even know that mushrooms were anything but canned, slimy grossness. I was shocked the first time I tasted a fresh mushroom. It was yummy!

  • bhofack2

    Mashed Potatoes

    It’s not that I hated them… it’s just that I only knew about mashed potatoes from a box. For real. My mom used potato flakes. Maybe that’s why I love lumpy mashed potatoes. The lumps prove that they came from real potatoes.

  • msheldrake

    Maple syrup

    That’s because we didn’t actually have maple syrup. We had pancake syrup. I was amazed the first time I tried real maple syrup. It was delicious! Nothing like the the too sweet pancake syrup I remember.

  • Mark Herreid

    Orange drink

    It’s because of Tang. Do you know about Tang? Tang was supposed to be like orange juice. Instant, powdered orange juice. Their big claim to fame is that they sent Tang into space with the astronauts. Space is where it belongs because it is just about the worst thing I ever tasted.