If you have money, a cruise line wants to take you on a rather pricey Hudson River adventure.

I tell ya, I'm all for fun cruises on the Hudson River, In fact, myself and a partner used to run rock n roll themed cruises on the river out of Poughkeepsie some years back. Granted, this was on a much smaller scale with a much smaller boat LOL.

Empire Cruise Lines
Empire Cruise Lines

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It's very rare that you see a full-size ocean liner on the Hudson River, but it happens periodically. Just this past week there was a sighting on the river. A posting in the public Facebook group The Hudson Valley by Jo-Ann Martin shared a video of the majestic ship passing through the Hudson Valley waters.

Many who commented on the video were surprised to see the giant cruise ship in the area, and one comment in particular from Jo Wright caught my eye. It reads, "NY to Albany, back to NY almost $5,000." What!!??? Could this be true? I had to do some research.

attachment-$5,000 cruise comment

Is There a Hudson River Cruise Being Offered for $5,000?

Upon looking into things, it turns out that there is a company called American Cruise Lines that offers cruises all over, including a Hudson River Fall Foliage cruise for 8 days/7 nights, which will set you back $5,000.

I never even knew an 8 day/7 night cruise on the Hudson existed!? And can't ya go to the Bahamas these days for under a grand? Regardless, the special fall foliage cruise on the Hudson River is being offered by American Cruise Lines.


What is offered with the Hudson River Fall Loliage Cruise?

Keep in mind, if you have the money, this may be worth it to you. American Cruise Lines offers a complimentary and inclusive package that includes meals, drinks and excursions. Private balconies and daily on-board entertainment is provided. The cruise sets sail from NYC to Albany and back with daily overnight stops including Sleepy Hollow, West Point, Hyde Park, Kingston, Catskill and Albany with activities at each stop daily. See the full itinerary here.

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What do think of the Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruise being offered by American Cruise Lines? Is it something that's in your budget, or will you have to pass? If you do happen to take a trip, safe travels!

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