A new proposal from Gov. Hochul could have you liquored up by 10am on Sundays.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed a new liquor law package impacting business owners and consumers alike, according to WRGB Albany.

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In a press release, Governor Hochul said, "Across New York, breweries, distilleries and other alcoholic beverage businesses are creating jobs and expanding economic opportunity, I'm proud to sign this legislation that will modernize the laws governing the sales of alcoholic beverages in New York.” Some say the six pieces of legislation that were passed for the 2023 legislative season are the next step in modernizing New York State's liquor laws.

Among the changes the bills will put in place will be allowing retailer to sell beer on Sundays throughout the state. One change addressing hours of operation was met with wide approval. Now on Sundays, instead of opening at 12pm liquor stores can now open their doors at 10 am and stay open until 10 pm. While these laws passed, some were not approved.

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"Those [recommendations] should've been passed," Paul Zuber, Executive Vice President, Business Council of New York State, says. "We're hopeful that the Governor and the legislature will pass those recommendations this [upcoming] year because they were vetted by a wide, varied group of people within the industry."

Well, its definitely a good start towards better liquor laws for the Hudson Valley and State of New York. How do you feel about being able to grab a bottle of vodka or some wine at 10 am on a Sunday? Drink up!

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