As more and more people use ride programs like Uber, the number of things passengers might leave behind is obviously going to increase. Some are downright bizarre.

Uber just shared their 2020 Lost and Found Index. The most commonly misplaced items are some of the usuals; phones, wallets, keys, backpacks, headphones etc. Weekends and late nights tend to be the times when folks forget stuff the most, according to the report.

Now, when you break it down by areas where the service is available, it really gets interesting. Some of New York state's strangest items left behind?

  • Raffle basket of hot sauce 
  • Foldable table
  • Arm sling
  • Fanny pack 
  • E-ZPass
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Meat

Maybe the fanny pack was left behind on purpose? How about New York City? This is really good. Who's leaving their gold teeth behind?

  • Gold teeth
  • Wand
  • Bag of three stuffed elves
  • Flan 
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Purple tutu
  • Puppy sweater
  • Violin bow
  • Twilight book 

Well, at least there weren't any areas from New York on the index's most forgetful places. According to the Index, Lubbock, TX was America's most forgetful city, followed by Oxford, MS College Station, TX, Fresno ,CA, and Modesto, CA.

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