The WPDH Workforce Payroll is back and you're going to have to prove your listening skills are up to par to get that cash.

To earn the cash you have to know the WPDH Mystery Sound. Tune in Thursday, September 12 at 9:05AM to hear the first sound. Guess it right, you get a hundred bucks. Guess it wrong and we'll add another $100 to the payroll with Hopkins at 12:05PM and Smitty at 3:05PM.

We'll keep adding $100 to each of the time slots every weekday during the contest until someone gets it right. Each Friday, we'll post a list of the incorrect guesses to this blog post. Be sure to follow our Instagram account for another shot to listen to the current sound we're giving you a chance to guess. Smitty will post an Instagram Story in the afternoon playing the sound.

Want reminders ahead of the 9:05AM, 12:05PM and 3:05PM chance to win? Download the free WPDH app and turn on Contest alerts. (If you want to get an alert when Smitty posts the sound to the Instagram Story, turn on Smitty in the Afternoon alerts.)

We'll be updating this post every Friday afternoon during the contest with the list of incorrect guesses.

The contest runs through Friday, October 4.

Sound #2 Guesses

Friday, Sept. 20 @ 3:05PM: Bolt action on a gun - WRONG
Friday, Sept. 20 @ 12:05PM: Opening a bag of pork rinds - WRONG
Friday, Sept. 20 @ 9:05AM: Opening a newspaper - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 3:05PM: Pop-top can opening - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 12:05PM: Cocking a rifle - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 9:05AM: Laying tile grout - WRONG
Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ 3:05PM: Paper cutter - WRONG
Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ 12:05PM: Paper shredder - WRONG
Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ 9:05AM: Masking tape being pulled from a roll - WRONG
Tuesday, Sept. 17 @ 3:05PM: Duct tape being peeled off a roll - WRONG
Tuesday, Sept. 17 @ 12:05PM: Envelope being ripped open - WRONG
Tuesday, Sept. 17 @ 9:05AM: Scotch tape being unrolled - WRONG

Sound #1 Guesses

Monday, Sept. 16 @ 3:05PM: Coffee beans in a coffee grinder - CORRECT
Monday, Sept. 16 @ 12:05PM: Paper shredder - WRONG
Monday, Sept. 16 @ 9:05AM: Ice in a blender - WRONG
Friday, Sept. 13 @ 3:05PM: Ice machine - WRONG
Friday, Sept. 13 @ 12:05PM: Money sorter - WRONG
Friday, Sept. 13 @ 9:05AM: Electric pencil sharpener - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 12 @ 3:05PM: Electric pencil sharpener - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 12 @ 12:05PM: VHS tape in a VCR - WRONG
Thursday, Sept. 12 @ 9:05AM: Chainsaw - WRONG

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