If you've always wanted to experience the world record light display, this is the weekend to do it.

Every year, Tim Gay and his family open their front yard to visitors from all over the Hudson Valley who are invited to drive through the world's largest residential display of lights. For 2019 the Gay family has added something new. It's a double helix spiral illuminated with 12,000 computer-controlled lights that can be adjusted to just about any color in the spectrum.

This brings the world record light display up to a grand total of 641,695 lights!

But that's not the only impressive statistic that the Gay family has racked up during their years of putting on this spectacular display. Throughout the season the family takes donations from visitors for different local charities.  So far, visitors to the light display have raised over $375 for organizations right here in the Hudson Valley.

This month The Boris and Robyn Show has been collecting cash and gift cards for the kids at the Children's Home. If you weren't able to stop by one of the live broadcasts, you can come out to see the world record light display and make a donation there. That's because this weekend, the Gay family has generously agreed to give all of the donations received to the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie.


This isn't the first year the Gay family has donated to the Children's Home. In 2012 it was the very first charity that Tim asked the Union Vale Fire Department volunteers to help him raise money for. So far, the lights have brought in a total of $43,379 for the home.

We'd love to bring that number over the $50,000 mark this year, so please come out and see us. WPDH will be on hand Friday, December 13 and Saturday, December 14 with Tim and his family to meet and greet visitors and collect your donations.

For more details on joining us at the light display, visit the ERDAJT website.
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