A happy couple is now engaged after being separated for months during the pandemic.

Linh Trinh has been living with her brother in Kingston since March 16. Previously a Brooklyn resident, Trinh was forced to move 100 miles away after her girlfriend, Alyssa Kayhill, began working with coronavirus patients. Kayhill, a cardiologist nurse, was transferred to COVID-19 duty and vowed not to get her girlfriend of seven years sick.

According to the New York Post, the couple made the hard decision to separate but continued to keep in constant contact over FaceTime. The long distance between the women didn't put a dent in their relationship, In fact, it made the couple grow even closer over the past few months. Kayhill finally decided it was time to pop the question, so she arranged for Trinh to finally move back from Kingston to their Brooklyn apartment in the most spectacular way possible.

With the help of family members, Kayhill planned her emotional reunion with Trinh to happen on her birthday during the daily 7pm clap celebration. Every evening, New York City erupts into cheers as residents bang pots and pans while applauding for frontline workers. Neighbors were informed of the surprise and lined the streets with signs to watch the romantic event unfold.

Right at 7pm the couple was reunited and Kayhill presented Trinh with a bouquet of flowers before getting down on one knee to propose. Shellshocked, Trinh immediately said yes to a thunder of applause from onlookers as the couple embraced for the first time in months.

The romantic moment hit many people hard during a time when emotions are running hot and spirits are low. Kayhill agreed, telling the NY Post, "I am just so grateful to all the strangers who showed up on Monday night to wish us well. I think a little bit of love is what the city needs right now."

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