When Nadia Khan ordered her Cookies & Cream Frappucino at her local Starbucks, she wasn't quite expecting to read this. Now she's pissed off and wants everyone to know what an employee (or, as they say, barista) allegedly wrote on her order.

When her ordered was given to her, Khan told the Mirror that instead of seeing her name written on her order, like what is customary at any Starbucks, the word HIPPO was written instead. Khan said she first thought it was mistake, but upon closer investigation figured out that one of the employees decided to play a mean joke.

Starbucks has since apologized in a statement:

We have a longstanding tradition of connecting with our customers by writing their names on our cups. This incident is not indicative of the welcoming environment we aim to provide in our stores, and have apologized to the customer directly.

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