This may be the story the week. But it once again proves that when you got to eat, you got to eat. And this case, that even means when you're being chased by police after allegedly stealing a vehicle. Apparently, crime can work up an appetite? You can't make this sort of stuff up.

ABC is reporting that the incident happened Tuesday when a woman allegedly stole a pickup truck. Police say they got a call from a man who told them that the woman had climbed into his truck and then sped off. The good thing for this gentleman was that his truck had a GPS device to track its whereabouts. Now the chase was on, and it would prove to be quite a wild ride.

After being tracked down by police after allegedly hitting a car on the way, the woman lead cops on a chase that saw her allegedly; cross into oncoming traffic, hit a van, back into a police cruiser, and even drag one of the officers. Wow. But then at some point, the 38-year-old suspect amid all this chaos suddenly got a hankering for some Mikey D's. Committing all these offenses must have made her think of a warm Big Mac and fries for some reason, for ABC says the woman did the unthinkable and pulled off to a nearby McDonald's drive-thru and attempted to order some grub.

Perhaps not realizing or even caring that police were still pursuing her, she was indeed found again. Did she think they'd just sit and wait for her to finish ordering her food? But she still wasn't done. ABC says she struck yet another cruiser before going off road and getting stuck in a big pile of mulch by the McDonald's drive-thru. No Happy Meal for her. Police were finally able to pull her from the truck and now she's facing a slew of serious charges. The Worcester Police Department said that an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

This is the second crazy story involving a McDonald's this week.

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