We've said it before, you've always got to wonder who's handling your food. Normally, we'd simply advise being polite to your server to avoid any unwanted changes or tampering with your order. However, cases like this prove it's not always that simple. Now, one mother from New York state is fuming after police say her 11-year-old got a little more than just some Chicken McNuggets in their Happy Meal.

CBS is reporting that two McDonald's employees have been charged after the mother found Suboxone in her son's Happy Meal on June 30. After an investigation, detectives say that the drugs fell out of an employee's shirt pocket and into the order, that was being prepared at the restaurant drive-thru. Police say the employee had illegally bought the drugs from another employee at the same McDonald's earlier during their shift.

The woman from Oxford, NY told CBS that she found the packets in her son's Happy Meal box after he had eaten most of his meal. Thankfully, the child didn't eat the drugs too. Police say the suspects have been charged with unlawful possession of schedule drugs.

Stories like this may make you rethink ever dining out. Well, at least their order wasn't crap? You might remember this especially vile fast-food story from earlier this year. The Vineland Daily Journal says a New Jersey woman ordered takeout from a McDonald's on January 13. But when her daughter reached into the bag to eat a french fry, she claims there was something awful smeared all over one of the wrappers. According to the suit fled, it was s***.  Yuck.

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