When it comes to body parts, teeth are the absolute worst.

The human body is a wonder of science. How all of its different organs and systems come together to form a fully-functioning person is nothing short of miraculous. There's no way to deny that the body is a masterfully designed work of genius. That is, except for your teeth.

While the rest of your body is a hard-working team, perfectly synced in their performance, your teeth are a bunch of slackers dragging everything else down. Like a high-maintenance friend who needs constant attention, your teeth demand way too much of your time. And even after catering to your teeth's every need they still wind up letting you down.

What other part of your body needs to be cleaned so thoroughly? It's recommended that you spend two minutes brushing your teeth twice a day. Two minutes may not sound like much, but if you start a timer now you could wash every crevice of your body, including your hair in the time it takes for you to properly brush your teeth. And you need to do that twice a day. But that's not all. After finishing these two marathon brushing sessions, your teeth aren't nearly clean enough. You'll need to spend several more minutes running dental floss between each and every tooth followed by a specially designed mouthwash to prevent any bacteria growth until the next brushing just a few hours later.

Can you imagine if your nose required two minutes of blowing twice a day and a deep clean afterward? You don't need to scrub the inside of your ears with a special brush twice a day. Your ears just work. And how about your eyes? Arguably the most important organ on your face, your eyes actually clean themselves with their own built-in wiping lids.

And if all of this home maintenance isn't enough, your teeth also require their own special doctor. That's right. This ultra-needy part of your body has an entire medical field dedicated to just maintaining it. And unlike other doctors, your dentist requires not one, but two yearly visits. And that's only if there are absolutely no other problems with your teeth. These hour-long visits are just for routine cleaning.

Your heart, on the other hand, the most vital organ you have, is only listened to by a doctor once a year as a brief part of your overall physical. Beyond that, it just continues to keep your body alive by pumping blood at the same perfect rhythm 24 hours a day with no further maintenance necessary. Can you imagine if teeth stepped up its game like the heart does?

And what do you get for all of this meticulous care? After toiling away for decades, pampering these precious teeth, religiously visiting the dentist and avoiding sugary snacks, at some point they will still fail you. It's not a matter of if, but when you will need major dental surgery in your old age.

Screw teeth. They're the absolute worst.

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