If you're using a 5G enabled phone in the Hudson Valley, tech experts say it needs to be turned off.

There's been lots of hype over 5G service. Phone companies are touting the new technology's ability to speed up your mobile internet connection and handle large amounts of data. Those living in the Hudson Valley, however, may have noticed that their service has actually gotten worse and their batteries are dying quicker. There's a very good reason for that.

While true 5G can produce super-fast speeds, what we're getting in the Hudson Valley is far from that. In fact, most local phone users are finding 5G to be a huge headache. The main reason for this is due to the fact that we live in the Hudson Valley.

Time and time again, Dutchess, Ulster, Orange and other surrounding counties have been listed as the worst area in the nation for cellphone service. Because we live in a literal valley, the number of cell towers that have been built doesn't nearly reach every nook and cranny in the Hudson Valley. As a result, we have dozens of dead zones that just don't receive any service at all.

Unfortunately, 5G is making this problem worse in the Hudson Valley. While the connection is somewhat faster if you're within the line of sight of a tower, the 5G signal doesn't reach as far as 4G or LTE does. Therefore, those dead zones are now getting larger as towers turn on their 5G signal and your phone struggles to connect to it. Even worse, as your phone tries to search for these 5G signals its battery is being overstressed and dying much quicker than it did before.

The good news is that until more towers are built, 4G service still works the way it always did. While not the best service, it's most likely better than what you're experiencing right now if you're trying to use 5G in most areas of the Hudson Valley.

Scroll down to learn how to disable 5G on your phone.

Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone

Disable 5G on an iPhone

If you have a newer, 5G enabled iPhone the process is easy. simply open up the Settings app then tap on Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data. From there you can choose LTE. This will turn off the 5G service and only use LTE.

Disable 5G on an Andriod

Depending on your model phone you should go to settings and look for "network" or "connections" and tap on the option for your mobile network. From there you'll see preferences for what network you want to use. Choose LTE or 4G and you'll be all set.

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