If you see a house with a green porch light, it most likely has nothing to do with Halloween.

Hudson Valley residents have been installing green colored lights either in inside fixtures that can be seen through the window or replacing the bulb in the front door porch light. The idea is to make sure the green glow can be seen on the street in front of your house, sending a secret message to those who may drive by.

The concept comes from Project Green Light, which is organized by the New York State Association of Counties. All 62 counties in New York are participating in the project which aims to light up the entire state in bright green. Homes in Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Newburg, Kingston, Middletown and other surrounding Hudson Valley towns are already starting to turn green.

A. Boris
A. Boris

Project Green Light's mission is to show support for veterans with a special emphasis on the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Tom Zurhellen, commander of the VFW in Poughkeepsie says the whole idea of the green light is to raise awareness about the challenges faced by Hudson Valley veterans and remind them that resources are available at the county, state, and federal level to assist them and their families.

The best part about this program is that it's very easy to participate. By simply replacing one light bulb that can be seen from the street in front of your home with a green one, veterans will know that they are "seen, appreciated, and supported."

While the focus of Project Green Light is to light up homes during the week of November 7 for Veteran's Day, the organization says that they're encouraging New Yorkers to keep the green light on all year long to show their support.

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