You may not be able to get your favorite hamburger for much longer.

Thanks to the global pandemic, restaurants and businesses are announcing new closures every day. Restaurants have been especially hit hard, dealing with empty dining rooms and struggling to get by with delivery and curbside pickup. The Hudson Valley is filled with some great hamburger restaurants, but now it looks like several of them may be at risk of closing forever.

Red Robin
The restaurant chain was struggling even before the pandemic hit. In June, the company warned that they were in financial difficulties. Forced to close several stores, Red Robyn has been attempting to raise funds by selling stock, but many financial experts see the writing on the wall and expect the business to announce bankruptcy by the end of the year.

There's good news for fans of Burgerfi in Poughkeepsie. The company was recently purchased for $100 million and is expected to go public by the end of the year. There's a bright outlook for Burgerfi, which continues to open new locations across the country.

Five Guys
Recently, the Five Guys location in Pougkeepsie temporarily closed for renovations and upgrades, but that restaurant has reopened and continues to welcome customers. Right now it looks like one of the Hudson Valley's favorite burger chains is still chugging along selling burgers, fries and those oh-so-delicious shakes.

Believe it or not, those "hot 'n juicy" burgers may not be available for much longer. NPC, the country's largest franchisee of Pizza Hut and Wendy's restaurants filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. While the bankruptcy doesn't affect restaurants not operated by NPC, some believe the failure of Wendy's brand may trickle down to other locations. Driving past crowded Dunkin', McDonald's and Burger King drive-thru lines one can't help but notice that Wendy's is usually never as busy. That may not be a good sign.

Ruby Tuesday
The restaurant chain has been quietly closing locations for the past few years. Recently shuttering their Poughkeepsie location, Ruby Tuesday's only Hudson Valley location is now in the Orange Plaza in Middletown.

McDonald's, Burger King
Big Macs and Whoppers aren't going anywhere. If any burger chains are going to survive the COVID-19 pandemic, it's going to be these two juggernauts. Don't expect to see McDonald's or Burger King locations to close any time soon.

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