We know where the last kegs of the ultra-rare IHOP pancake beer are. But you better hurry if you want some.

Keegan Ales in Kingston made headlines last month after IHOP announced that they would be releasing their own beer called IHOPS. The beer, a Pumpkin Pancake American Stout, is described as an ale that will "blow your mouth's mind by bottling that warm-and-fuzzy feeling of pancakes just in time for fall."

Tommy Keegan spoke to us this week about how his brewery was selected to make this unique beer, and why he's regretting not making a lot more. Apparently, there is such a high demand that the brewery has completely run out of bottles and taps around the Hudson Valley are quickly running dry. Here's the brewer telling us why this beer is so sought after:

The good news is that are still a few kegs of IHOPS left, and they're all right here in the Hudson Valley. As of the publishing of this article, Beer World has the pancake stout available to go in growlers at three of their locations in Kingston, Liberty and Monticello. Tommy Keegan says that he's also reserved a couple of kegs for some special events, including the Bethel Woods Craft Beer Festival on October 13.