We're not sure we really believe any of this, but there are many who say they've seen something strange out in the wilderness they can't explain.

Bigfoot goes by many names around the world, and the phenomena has become ingrained in our culture. New York state has also had a long history when it comes to so-called sightings of the elusive Sasquatch. We've even had our own Bigfoot themed festivals, as well as countless sightings through the state, as well as here in the Hudson Valley.

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New York Town Known as the Bigfoot Capitol of the East

In fact, Whitehall, New York is known as the "Bigfoot Capitol of the East Coast" according to the Travel Channel. The Washington County town of over 4,000 even hosts a fall event known as the Sasquatch Calling Contest and Festival.

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The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has actually gathered a "database of credible sightings and related reports" when it comes to Bigfoot, and recently ranked the states for number of reports.

  1. Washington: 708
  2. California: 461
  3. Florida: 338
  4. Ohio: 318
  5. Illinois 302

Where Does New York Actually Rank? 

It may surprise some that all the sightings are not just in the Pacific Northwest.

According to a study from the Travel Channel in 2019, New York ranked as high as 5th for Bigfoot reports. According to the BFRO's recent data, New York ranked 13th in the nation right behind Pennsylvania..

According to a county-by-county breakdown of the numbers, Warren County lead the state for sightings with 13. Dutchess County had a fairly considerable amount of sightings with 5, though it should be noted that some counties have not posted recent updates in some time.



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