The popular Kingston, NY location had been around for years.

Hudson Valley Post reported back in May that the popular pharmacy was closing many New York State locations.

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Rite Aid has always been a memory of childhood that I'll always be fond of. For as long as I can remember, when growing up in Lake Carmel there was the Rite Aid at Putnam Plaza. Rite Aid stores have been around forever throughout the Hudson Valley area and it's sad to see stores continuing to close.

We reported in May that a long-standing Poughkeepsie Rite-Aid store was closing, and it turned out that the reason given for the closing of the 709 Main St, Poughkeepsie store was theft.

Why Did Long-Standing Kingston Rite Aid Store Close?

A poster on Reddit under the name r/hudsonvalley posted about the sudden closing of the Rite Aid at 351 Flatbush Ave in Kingston, NY.

Posting reads: Sudden closing of Rite Aid, corner of Flatbush and 9W. The poster went on to say that say that shelves were being cleared off, and an employee reportedly said, "We're moving".

attachment-Reddit Rite Aid Kingston

Another Reddit user on the same thread under the name Boring_Fee_9572 posted a picture of a letter they received in the mail from Rite Aid regarding the closing with basically no explanation, but stating that prescriptions can still be filled at any other Rite Aid location, with the closest being 485 Broadway in Kingston.

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Boring_Fee_9572 on Reddit
Boring_Fee_9572 on Reddit

What do you suppose the reason is for the closing? The Poughkeepsie location closed due to a shoplifting issue, and theft was the cause of the closure. Your guess is as good as mine, but for many loyal customers of the Flatbush Ave Kingston Rite Aid, it's the end of an era.

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