Thanksgiving is not that far off, and many of you are probably already putting together a to-do list for the big occasion. Again, the cost of Thanksgiving keeps on going up every year. CNN says that "whole frozen turkey prices have increased from $1.15 per pound at this time in 2021 to $1.47 per pound for the week of October 28 to November 3, 2022.".

But aside from your main dish, you're going to need a lot of good sides. Ever wonder what's America's favorite choice for a Thanksgiving side dish? What are New Yorkers reaching to put on their plates? Sometimes it depends where you live.

What New Yorkers Are Craving For Thanksgiving 

The experts at the website Zippia used Google Trends to determine what exactly were Americans were searching for food wise during the month of November. Here in New York State, people love stuffing. Stuffing was the overall most popular side, with 10 states (including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachuseets, and Vermont) listing it as their favorite.


Other Sides in Other States 

The folks in Connecticut like mashed potatoes, while Maine goes for a simple side salad. New Hampshire went with the somewhat unpopular choice of cranberry sauce.

Other states went with green bean casserole, mac n' cheese, or rolls & biscuits.

Are New Yorkers Going Elsewhere? 

We've known that residents have been moving away from New York state for some time.
Everything from poor job growth outside of New York City and rising crime, to high taxes and the cold winters. These reasons have been blamed in the past.

New York was also especially hard hit by COVID-19 in the early months of 2020.


According to numbers released by the US Census Bureau, the Empire State lost 319,020 people from July 2020 to July 2021. That's quite a significant number that outnumbers the combined population drop in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Louisiana, the District of Columbia, Michigan, and Ohio.

Where Are New Yorkers Going? 

A website called Zippia used data from the Census and found the states where all these New Yorkers are going. Some of the results may be a bit surprising.

According to Zippia, they're heading to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Connecticut, and North Carolina.

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