It's a bit of morbid thought, but have you ever wondered what is the top cause of weather related fatalities here in New York? It actually varies from some parts of the state to the next, but the data compiled in a recent study may surprise you.

The data was collected over a 20 year period (1999-2018) from NOAA's Storm Events Database. Ian Livingston, a meteorologist and co-founder of, has compiled this map.

According to NOAA, the leading cause of weather related deaths in the United states each year is extreme heat, followed by flash floods, and then tornadoes.

So, how does this look for New York state? According to the map, parts of the Hudson Valley, New York City, and Long Island the leading cause of death is extreme heat. This makes sense if you think about it, for a lot of structures in the region are old, and not all buildings or homes have air conditioning. For most of New York state, the leading cause if flash floods.

For the most northern and western parts of the state, it's actually wind. Considering the extreme cold these parts of the state endure during the winter, wind chill could easily lead to death for those exposed.

Some other parts of the country may not necessarily see a lot of weather related deaths, so other phenomena like rip current, rough surf, or lightning are the top causes.

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