A 49 year-old man just narrowly avoided going to jail after an unorthodox attempt to get revenge on an ex-friend he says stiffed him. And apparently it was all over a set of tools the man says the other man wouldn't return. It involves explosive crap. Literally.

Oregon Live says the Portland man built a bomb loaded with dog feces. The device came together after the man he visited a wrecking yard, and then packed an old air bag into a tool box with dog crap all over it. 

Police says the poopbomber put the device on his friend's Camero April 16. According to a probable-cause affidavit, "it exploded with such force that it sounded like an M80 going off and the dog scat was blown out of the toolbox". 

When asked why he did it, he told a judge that he wanted to hurt the other man's ego and get his tools back. He was sentenced to three years probation Tuesday.

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