It just keeps on snowing. The latest snowfall has continued to linger through the night and into Friday in the Hudson Valley. An additional couple of inches fell overnight, with higher snowfall totals more towards the southern part of the listening area. How long will the wintery weather stick around, and is there more on the way?

Forecasters say the snow should move out of here by late morning to early afternoon Friday. Total accumulations will vary a bit with snowfall ranging from 3 to 7 inches. Highs will be in the low 30s. Lows will be very cold once again, with temperatures falling to around 10 degrees in most areas, causing another hard freeze.

Highs Saturday will be in the upper 20s, to around 30. Skies should remain partly cloudy, with a bit of a breeze picking up in the afternoon. Lows overnight will be very cold again, with temps falling to the single digits. Sunday will be pretty much the same, with highs around 30, and a mixture of sun and clouds.

Could we see even more snow by Monday? Hudson Valley Weather is saying there is a chance for a another winter system to move though the area by Monday. The good news is that doesn't look like a major storm, with preliminary snowfall predications ranging from 1 to 3 inches.

All this winter weather probably has many looking ahead towards spring. But don't hold your breath for warmer weather anytime soon. This may be the general forecast for well into the month of March, as experts say the snow and cold could be sticking around in the Hudson Valley for quite a while. AccuWeather released their spring weather outlook, and the long range forecasts are saying the Northeast might see persistent cold and snow storms through March and even into the early April.

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