It's been a bit of strange winter here in the Hudson Valley, with a lot of up and down temperatures, and erratic snowfall. We were pretty much hit right out of the gate with a major snowstorm in mid-December, only to see above average temps and little snow in January. Now, the Hudson Valley was hit with another major snowstorm as we entered February, and some forecasters are saying more heavy snow could be on the way this weekend.

So, what are the experts saying for the months ahead as the Hudson Valley heads towards spring? Well, if you want warmer weather, then you might have wait for a while. AccuWeather is calling for below average temperatures in the Northeast to stick around through March and into at least early April. Meteorologists also say there's a possibility for a continued pattern of snow storms through at least late March.

Cold weather during March and April is certainly nothing new in he Hudson Valley. In fact, we actually saw some light snowfall through early May in 2020, if you remember. According to AccuWeather, that could be the case again this year. It could be mid May till the are sees any sort of real significant warm-up  Don't put away those heavy coast and gloves anytime soon.

Once again, we know the weather forecasts aren't always right, so this could go either way. Some long range forecasts had initially called for a milder winter and near normal snowfall in the Hudson Valley. We will just have to wait and see, though after this week you can't blame Hudson Valley residents for feeling a bit weary and ready for warm weather.

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