How high is high? Not enough, apparently, for some customers of a cannabis company, who are claiming the business lied about how strong their products are. According to sources, now they are suing. As more and more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana, one has to wonder if more frivolous lawsuits such as this are to be expected in the future?

The state of New York is still looking to have dispensaries open by late 2022, though there are no exact dates.

How Much THC Is In the Product? 

CBS says that two people filed a lawsuit in a California state court of DreamFields Brands of false advertising, and intentional misrepresentation. CBS says the plaintiffs claim the company wasn't honest about how much THC was in their Jeeter pre-roll products.

Lawyers for the two individuals say that DreamFields boasts on their labels a higher than normal levels of potency, yet an independent laboratory found that their products don't have the amount of THC in their weed that they're claiming. Perhaps they can sue this brand of Italian pasta for not really being made in Italy next?

Bulat Silvia
Bulat Silvia

When Will We See Dispensaries in NY?

Some in New York initially felt the process to open dispensaries statewide could go well into 2023 given all the levels of bureaucracy and paperwork.

Governor Kathy Hochul recently confirmed to Advance Media New York that 20 recreational marijuana dispensaries will open before the end of 2022. It it still unclear though where the first 20 shops will open in the state.

The clock is ticking, though some local facilities are already in the early planning stages.

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Of course, many questions still remain. For example, how close could a new dispensary be to a school or church? What cities and towns may opt-in or out? Maybe you can just order a slice of pot-infused pizza?


Are Some Weed Shops Already Open in NY?

As of now, the only non-medical legal dispensaries in the state are on tribal territories, which are sovereign from the state government. Many of these Native-owned and run dispensaries are in the northern and western parts of the state. It is uncertain exactly how many shops are currently open across the state.

Hudson Valley Towns Allowing the Sale of Marijuana

The following towns have voted to allow the sale of marijuana. This list is complete as of December 23, 2021. Municipalities have until 12/31 to finalize their decisions.

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