New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi wasn't in the mood, especially during Saturday's 9-5 loss in Tampa. He had already been thrown out of the game by umpire Scott Barry in the fifth inning after an argument, but what happened next was pretty crazy.

The NY Daily News says that Barry also ejected Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild over a seemingly innocent enquire. This really sent the Yankees manager over the edge as he put on quite on display for the fans at Tropicana Field.

.Girardi later said to the press:

I didn’t appreciate the way he threw Larry out. “He said, ‘You know you missed a couple pitches in that sequence,’ and he threw him out. That’s all he said. No one knew what Larry said to him, but he wasn’t showing him up.

The Yankees skipper even resorted to getting down and covering homeplate with dirt. Gotta love a good manager meltdown.

Girardi said that he was just upset, and that if he's going to get tossed for asking about one of his coaches, he might as well get my money’s worth.