Recently a Pennsylvania man was arrested in the Catskills region of upstate New York. The man was found at a residence in Greene County and it took the combined effort of numerous law enforcement agencies to track him down and bring him in.

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From PA to NY: On the Run Across State Lines

Back in March, police in Scranton, Pennsylvania were alerted to the scene of a shooting which resulted in the death of one individual. The victim was a Pennsylvania resident by the name of David Deshler. Following the incident, local PA police began an investigation.

Under Investigation follder
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Following weeks worth of investigating, officials had identified a suspect, 29 year old Travis Lonzo. In the process of the investigation, officials also determined something else. They determined that Lonzo had fled the state of Pennsylvania and made his way across state lines into New York.

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Tracking Down a Wanted Fugitive

Upon making their deduction, Pennsylvania law enforcement contacted The U.S. Marshal's. In total the U.S. Marshal’s Albany Division of the New York/New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force as well several other agencies including the Ulster County Sheriff's office managed to track down the fugitive to a residence in the Catskills area.

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Combined investigation efforts by the parties involved led law enforcement to a Catskills residence in Greene County. Officials began monitoring the residence and later were able to confirm that the fugitive Lonzo was in fact residing at the residence. Upon confirming Lonzo's identity, law enforcement moved in and arrested him.


Following the arrest law enforcement used a search warrant to investigate the residence. Their search led them to discovering narcotics that were already packaged and conceivably ready for sale. They also found a 'ghost gun' and another firearm that had it's serial number removed. Officially Lonzo had been wanted by police for...

...criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and a firearms violation...

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What's Next For the Captured Fugitive?

Though it was not specifically stated, it is likely that Lonzo will be transported back to Pennsylvania where he, just like any accused individual will have his opportunity to defend himself in court.

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The success of this investigation was contingent on a number of factors. With that said, no factor was more important than the numerous agencies involved in the investigation collaborating with one another. This was noticeably pointed out by David McNulty, a US Marshal for the Northern District of New York. McNulty in a statement said...

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The coordination and collaboration that occurred across several different agencies and two states to bring this offender in custody is a testament to the partnerships developed and strengthened over many years of service.

That many agencies coordinating on the same task is no easy feat but these agencies were clearly successful.

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