Maybe the global pandemic made you look at life a little differently. Maybe you realized that food pantries are places that even your friends and neighbors have to turn to when times get tough. You may have even reached out to a food pantry yourself. I think we all remember the pictures in the media of the lines and lines of cars waiting to pick up groceries from the various food pantries when the pandemic first hit. So, to help a food pantry is the same as helping your neighbors.

One of the hardest working food pantries in the area is People’s Place on 17 Saint James Street in Kingston. People’s Place is a food pantry, and they also run a high quality thrift store to raise money, they have the Community Cafe to make sure everyone gets a meal, and on Tuesday, May 4, Farm Stand Tuesdays begin for the season. People's Place has been serving Ulster County for almost 50 years.

People’s Place is looking for volunteers right now for all areas of their facility. This is a great chance for you to give back to your community, to make sure your neighbors don’t ever go hungry, to meet other volunteers and people like you, and it’s a great way to learn to count your blessings.

Got a little extra time on your hands and you think you might be interested in volunteering for People’s Place in Kingston? Learn all about their volunteer opportunities, their mission, and how to make a donation by visiting the People’s Place website

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