Well, this isn't the kind of publicity Newburgh was looking for.

USA Today published a list of the 50 worst cities in America to live in and, unfortunately, Newburgh made the cut. The list is a compilation of over two dozen different metrics such as crime rates, job markets, poverty and entertainment options that combine to give a total score.

A majority of the cities on the list are located in the South or West. Only a handful are in the Northeast. In fact, Newburgh is the only city in New York state to make the list at number 36.

The reasons Newburgh received the undesirable distinction was because of a high crime rate, coupled with "difficult economic conditions." Newburgh has a median income of only $36,922, which is $20,000 below the average. This, coupled with the fact that the city's cost of living is 18% higher than the average has made it difficult for many people to get by.

Newburgh is listed as being in the top 10 cities in America for both crime and poverty.

While this is obviously not good news, there is a silver lining. There have been plenty of stories about improvements being made to Newburgh. Recently the Liberty Street Bistro announced that they were expanding their successful business. And areas, such as the Newburgh Waterfront, continue to thrive. Here's hoping that the City of Newburgh continues to turn things in the right direction.