New York has a lot of great things about it. Whether it's good food or great tourist attractions, the Empire State is known for quite a few good reasons.

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There also happens to be a really long list of bad reasons that make New York famous. That includes, but isn't limited to our cold winters, extremely high taxes, and the number of state and federal officials who have ended up in the slammer.

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that the current Lieutenant Governor of New York State, Brian Benjamin, was arrested and charged with falsification of public records, wire fraud, and bribery from his time as a New York State Senator from Harlem, Hamilton Heights, and Washington Heights. Even though he has pleaded not guilty to these charges, he has already resigned his position as the 2nd most powerful politician in New York State politics. He was elevated to the position of Lieutenant Governor on September 9, 2021, and after 215 days in office, he resigned.

The arrest of Mr. Benjamin adds him to a potentially distinguished list of infamous New Yorkers who have arrest records.

So, who are potentially the top New York politicians who've been arrested in the last few years? Well, of course, there are going to be a few local New York State Senators on this list, along with the Mayor of a major city in New York.

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Let's not forget there may also be a few other state representatives from other parts of New York. There could be a Congressman or two on the list, and we have to throw on a former Attorney General and Governor in the mix for good measure.

That said, here are the Top 10 Politicians from New York State who have been arrested

Top 10 New York Politicians Who Have Been Arrested

The list is long but distinguished

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