If you're headed to the Dutchess County Fair this week you don't need to sit in traffic on Route 9.

Electronic signs up and down Dutchess County are already warning motorists to expect delays as thousands of cars flood the roads on their way to the fair. On fair days Route 9 can quickly become a parking lot with frustrated drivers wondering where they went wrong.

Tourists who plug in the address to the Dutchess County Fair are given few options for routes to the main gate on Route 9. But you can avoid much of Route 9 by traveling on 9G. Unfortunately, you'll eventually need to double back to Route 9 to join everyone else sitting in traffic and wait to get through the crowded gate.

But locals who are in the know don't even bother heading for the main gate. They use another little-known entrance to the fair that is never crowded and will let you spend less time in the car and more time eating deep-fried dough.

The secondary entrance on Parsonage St. in the Village of Rhinebeck is open to motorists and will get you to the same parking area as everyone else without ever driving on Route 9. If you're headed to the fair, set your GPS for Parsonage St. instead of the Dutchess County Fair. Your navigation system should get you there the back way. From Route 9G you'll take Rt. 308, or East Market St. in Rhinebeck. A right turn down Parsonage will lead all the way to the gate.

Police are usually set up on East Market to control the flow of traffic, so leaving the fair is just as quick and easy as getting there. Simply head back down Parsonage and make a left on to East Market. I've visited the fair at various times on some of the busiest days and have never had a traffic issue using this route.

Hopefully, this driving tip will save you more time getting to the Dutchess County Fair this year. And if you're looking to save some extra cash too, be sure to read our update on this year's new discounts and promotions. Now if we can only figure out a way to make that milkshake line move a little quicker.

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