I guess we all knew it would take quite a while to recover from the effects of the pandemic, but it still hurts every time we hear about another business closing. Especially when you know that before the pandemic, they would have thrived. I was on Facebook the other day, as I so often am, and I read about a great restaurant in Highland that has decided to close its doors for good.

The Trolley Stop Cafe, a fairly new restaurant on Vineyard Avenue in Highland, posted that they would be closing their doors by Mid-January. The Cafe opened shortly before the pandemic and actually weathered that storm, but now with the cost of living so high and skyrocketing prices on food and material, it’s been hard to keep the restaurant open. Not to mention that Covid still has people hesitating to go out.

The good news is that there is still time for you to get to the Trolley Stop Cafe for a delicious house-made meal.  And if you have a gift card, they are encouraging you to stop by and enjoy it before they close next month. They will also be offering pre-order take-out dinners to be picked up and holiday menus. If you are having a party, Trolley Stop Cafe is available to cater it.

The post went on to say how much they’ve appreciated their customers and the connections they’ve made with them. We’re sorry to see this great new business close its doors, and wish them the best of luck.

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