This may be the last holiday season you'll have to wait in one of those long lines at Target.

If you were anywhere near Target in Poughkeepsie on Saturday you know just how crazy the store was. Lines snaked all the way through the store, with waits for the self-service registers just as long as the others. Last minute shoppers were scrambling for gifts, causing workers and other shoppers to become quickly overwhelmed.

While getting bumped by shopping carts and trying not to lose my mind I overheard several people saying that they wish they had just ordered everything on Amazon. With free two-day shipping for Prime customers, it was pretty tempting to just abandon the cart and go home to finish up the Christmas list.

For this reason, Target announced that they will be unveiling same-day delivery. CNN reports that the retailer purchased Shipt for $550 million this month.  The company currently focuses on delivering groceries on a same-day basis in markets throughout the country. But Target is banking that they can use their technology to not only deliver eggs and milk, but toys and clothes too.

According to Target, they expect the service to start very soon, with half of their stores offering same-day delivery by early 2018 and almost all of them by the end of the year. That may very well mean you'll never have to wait in a long Christmas Target line again.

What do you think about Target's new marketing strategy. Would you consider shopping at Target over Amazon if they offered same-day shipping in the Hudson Valley? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.