Summers are hot, but just how hot are we talking? According to Extreme Weather Watch, the last time it was 100 degrees or above in the area was July 22, 2011, when it reached a scorching 102F in Poughkeepsie. Could we potentially exceed that this summer?

Forecasters are already making their predictions for summer weather, and some early outlooks are saying it will be even hotter than usual.

Could this be one of the hottest summers ever for the Hudson Valley and the rest of New York state? At least one meteorologist is saying that chances are likely.

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The summer of 2023 saw slightly cooler than average temperatures, though uncomfortably high humidity brought copious amounts of rainfall from mid-summer into fall, which lead to flash flooding in some areas.

Summer 2024 Weather Will Be Really Hot? 

The Weather Channel says that Dr. Todd Crawford, Vice President of Meteorology at Atmospheric G2, predicts the Northeast will see well above average temperatures this summer.

One of the factors in this forecast is the current El Niño, which is expected to transition to a La Niña by the summer months. A La Niña is a phenomenon that produces cooler than average water temperatures in tropical Pacific Ocean, and is basically the opposite oscillation of El Niño.

More Hurricanes? 

The Weather Network says that La Niñas bring more active weather to the Atlantic Ocean which could also mean more hurricanes than usual. This could also mean more rain than usual in the coming months.

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The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center, which is a division of the NOAA, also predicts well above average temperatures for the Northeast and most of the county this summer. The recent forecast posted The Hill, says the Hudson Valley will also see above average rain this year.

How Accurate Are These Predictions? 

Of course, these forecast aren't always accurate. A number of meteorological outlooks for the spring said milder than usual, though there was a chance for big snow storm by early March. While some areas saw some late snow this year, most of New York state remained warmer and less snowy than usual.

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