New York and the Hudson Valley have endured their share of weather-related disasters through the years. From blizzards, to flash floods, to both Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, just to name a few. But have you ever wondered what part of the area is most vulnerable to natural disasters?

USA Today analyzed the numbers from 1990 to 2022 using the Federal Emergency Management Agency's data on major presidential disaster declarations. For an area to be declared a disaster,

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FEMA says that it has to be apparent that a Presidential disaster declaration may be necessary to assist in the recovery of the impacted area, due to the extent of the disaster, or impact on individuals or facilities.

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Hudson Valley Natural Disasters Over the Past 32 Years 

Using USA Today's analysis of FEMA's data from the past 32 years, you may want to aware of such disasters living in Ulster County. According to the data, they lead for disaster declarations in Hudson Valley counties.

USA Today's county by county map did not include blizzards or ice storms, which rounds out the totals.

  • Ulster County: 18 major disaster declarations (9 severe storms, 4 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Sullivan County: 17 major disaster declarations (10 severe storms, 3 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Orange County: 15 major disaster declarations (8 severe storms, 4 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Westchester County: 14 major disaster declarations (6 severe storms, 5 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Greene County: 14 major disaster declarations (7 severe storms, 3 hurricane, 1 flood,  1 fire)
  • Columbia County: 13 major disaster declarations (8 severe storms, 1 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Rockland County: 12 major disaster declarations (5 hurricane, 4 severe storms, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Dutchess County: 11 major disaster declarations (4 severe storms, 3 hurricane, 1 flood, 1 fire)
  • Putnam County: 11 major disaster declarations (5 hurricane, 3 severe storms, 1 flood, 1 fire)

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