A real-life Fortnite-style game played by teens is causing concern for some local residents.

A version of the role-playing game Assassin, called Senior Assassin, has kids from our area taking to the streets in an attempt to "kill" other students. While the game has been around for several years, it's now found new life in the Hudson Valley thanks to the popularity of Fortnite.

The rules of Assassin are pretty simple. Students wishing to play submit their names to a game leader who then appoints each player a "target." It's the players' job to "kill" the person on their list and keep eliminating other players until they're the last person left.

There are multiple ways that assassinations can take place. Some players use Nerf guns, water guns or "stab" their target with a blunt object like a spoon or sharpie marker. More complex versions of the game allow players to "poison" their targets by sneaking hot sauce into their food or even setting off "car bombs" by placing a CD in the car stereo that makes a loud noise when the driver turns the key.

It's been reported that seniors from several schools in the Hudson Valley have begun playing Assasin to celebrate the end of school. While the game is meant to be harmless, some overenthusiastic kids do have the potential to get into dangerous situations. In 2017 police drew guns on a teenager who broke into an elderly woman's garage wearing a ski mask. It turned out the student went to the wrong home hoping to sneak in and "kill" another player. There was also an incident where police were called after a student entering school with a Nerf gun was mistaken for an armed intruder.

We're unaware of any major incidents linked to Assassin in our area, although there have been reports of suspicious-looking cars slowly driving through neighborhoods and parking in front of homes. Sources say the activity is connected to a game of Assassin being played in the area.

If you have a child who you believe is involved in Assassin, experts say you should remind them to always be aware of how their actions may be perceived by others. Sneaking around in the dark with Nerf guns can cause panic for residents and put players in a dangerous situation if confronted by police or others who are unaware that it's just a game.

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