Fans of the A&E series, Storage Wars, will be able to see just what it's like to be on the hit reality show right here in the Hudson Valley.

For those who've never seen an episode of the reality TV series, Storage Wars follows treasure hunters as they bid on abandoned storage lockers. When someone fails to pay their bill, storage companies take ownership of the storage unit's contents. In order to get rid of the unwanted items, the public is invited to an auction where everything in the storage locker is sold to the highest bidder.

Those looking for hidden treasures only have a few minutes to peek inside the locker before bidding on items. Without being able to enter the unit or view items hidden in boxes, bidders can only guess the value of the items they are hoping to purchase.

A Storage Wars style auction has been announced for the Hudson Valley on January 29. The UPS Store in Wappingers Falls, located just off Myers Corner Road behind Hannaford will be auctioning off abandoned storage lockers to the highest bidder. For more information, contact A Space To Place Storage. An Instagram post from the company is asking interested parties to DM them for more information.