There is no shortage of songs about New York. Many artists have sung about how New York City and its boroughs have a certain mysticism to them. If they are an outsider, their songs tend to focus on the bright lights and opportunities that New York City tends to offer. If they are from the city, it can be anything from an anthem of pride to the struggles on the streets. New York City has been the setting for countless stories, whether it be in music, literature, film and more.

But that's New York City. Many people seem to forget that there is a whole state above the city limits. New York State is full of rich history along with gorgeous sites and endless opportunities, as well. Why do we not hear more songs from artists referencing anything north of The Bronx?

Well, don't worry, there are a few out there. I am sure that there are more out there, but these songs below are 8 songs that refer to some aspect of the Hudson Valley written/performed by famous artists. This list covers all different kinds of genres from folk to country to rap, and spans several decades. The diversity of the content is a true testament of the diversity of the Hudson Valley region itself. Whether it is referencing a specific town, or it's referencing a landmark, each song recognizes something about the area we call home.

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